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CultureMix Centre for Steel Pan Music

Welcome to the CultureMix Centre for Steel Pan Music. We have the full range of steel pan instruments, drums and percussion instruments from around the world. Our workshops are led by experienced tutors who are also professional musicians.

Children and adults can learn to play steel pan music and develop musical skills by attending free weekly workshops at the centre.

RealTime Video's 4Sight film featuring RASPO rehearsing.

With dedication and regular attendance new participants can become good players and may be invited to join the orchestra for showcase performances.

Beginner - this is where you start by learning the basics
Improver - now you move on to learn the repertoire
Orchestra - join rehearsals to develop and showcase your musical skills
Ensemble - as a competent player you become a RASPO ambassador playing at functions and events

Beginner sessions are useful for music teachers who can learn typical calypso rhythms enabling them to support their school steel band for performances and extra rehearsals.

RASPO's training video demonstrates Quando on all the different steel pans.

Alternatively you may want your group to attend their own one off or regular 60 - 90 minute weekly workshop with instruments and tutors provided. Group size should be at least eight people, with a maximum of twenty. Workshops can be tailor made to suit the requirements of the group.

Have a go at a free taster workshop. Register your interest here.

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Jessica teaches Sam & Mark on CBBC's Level Up

Jessica teaches Sam & Mark on CBBC's Level Up

Join a Steel Band

RASPO Steel Band leaders Dani Richardson Mary Genis, Paul JE Watson and Mary Genis with Bridgitte Tetteh at BBC Radio Berkshire December 2015

Join RASPO Steel Band FREE music workshops - all ages and abilities welcome.

PanYard Studio
Art Block 1 - Music
Reading College
Kings Road
Berkshire RG1 4HJ

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Play pan

RASPO Steel Bsnd Emma plays bass pans

Learning to play a musical instrument is a fun way to build your confidence, make new friends, perform in public and develop different skills for a real sense of achievement.