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CultureMix Arts and Music is based in Berkshire, the Thames Valley heart of the South East. The company was founded in 1987 by artistic director Mary Genis to encourage participation and create realistic opportunities in music and arts.

CultureMix Arts has its roots in African Caribbean culture, from the steel pan music and Carnival masquerade of Trinidad and Tobago to dance from Cuba and Brazil, and Jamaican reggae music.

As a not for profit organisation our focus is on the professional development of young people seeking a career in the creative industries. Our internship and work experience programme offers training in business, finance, teaching and event management. All profits are reinvested into training and education to improve employment opportunities for young people in the future.

We warmly welcome you to our web site. Please visit us regularly as we frequently add new information and hope to provide the ultimate experience in Caribbean carnival, arts, music and dance.

CultureMix notes

The Company - About CultureMix

CultureMix started as a theatre costume, carnival and fashion design company later adding tour management, magazine publishing and creative workshops to the portfolio. The company has now grown into one of the UK leaders in carnival music and arts. More...

RASPO Steel Band logo

The Orchestra - RASPO

Find out how RASPO started on its journey as a local community project to become a highly respected well established steel orchestra. More...

DJ hands

The Agency - Artist Directory

Browse our directory for a selection of regularly updated artists and musicians including pan ensembles, djs, dancers and reggae bands. More...

Mary Genis and Michelle Genis

The Team - Who's Who

CultureMix is run by professional team of creative individuals who bring a unique dynamic perspective to carnival arts and music development in the UK. More...

Central Club Reading Berkshire

The Location - Studio and PanYard

Here we look at CultureMix offices, studios and RASPO PanYards past and present. More...

Caribbean Culture

CultureMix team with steel pan drum instrument

The CultureMix team are musicians, educators and passionate advocates of accessible and innovative professional development in music and Carnival arts.

Carnival Arts & Music

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From steel bands and carnival workshops to performances and training, we offer the full tailor made carnival arts and music package to suit your requirements.

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