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International Artist Residency

Sura Medura is an International Artist Residency Centre in Hikkaduwa, South West Sri Lanka. Established in 2011 it offers opportunities for Artists to develop and challenge their practice and create work that is enchanted by being developed in Sri Lanka. Resident artists are offered mentorship, coaching and opportunities to meet with their peers in the Sri Lankan Arts Community and develop projects with other international residents.

The six week residency offers artists the chance to produce and present a new piece of work, which responds to the environment of Sura Medura and Sri Lanka. Artists are encouraged to present their artistic practice at the beginning of their stay through the Sura Medura partnership with Colombo University of Visual and Performing Arts and to engage with the artistic community in Sri Lanka.

At the end of their stay there will be an opportunity for artists to present the outcome of their residency, for example through exhibition, screening or performance at Sura Medura and in the UK.

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More about Sura Medura

Sura Medura International Artist Residency

Sura Medura International Artist Residency

Sri Lankan inspiration

Batik flags made for Carnival of the World 2016

In 2016 CultureMix launched a new project Carnival of the World creating large silk batik flags with Kinetika.

Inspired by the process Mary will further explore batik, as well as mask making, music and dance whilst in Sri Lanka.