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Weekly music lessons
The CultureMix Schools Music Service offers a range of weekly steel pan music lessons including:

First Access weekly curriculum based music lessons for class groups of up to thirty with links to history, geography, economics and culture.
Gifted and Talented weekly lessons to develop a school steel band for performances and promotion.
Schools Steel Band Festival is a showcase event for your school steel band to take part, meet and play with other school steel bands to create a large orchestra for a professional public performance. More...
One to one tuition for exceptional children providing clear progression routes through secondary education and specialist independent music facilities at Centres of Excellence.

CultureMix Steel Band Festival

In this short film children and teachers talk about the Schools Steel Band Festival.

CultureMix offers the complete package; experienced tutors and structured lesson plans tailor made to help you create and nurture your very own school steel band for professional performance opportunities.

If you don't have steel pans already we can provide instruments to hire or buy. All ages are catered for from nursery to primary, junior to secondary, special schools to academies, colleges and universities.

To launch a series of lessons our one off taster days are an ideal way of introducing the steel pan instrument to your schoolchildren, students and teaching team.

Taster Workshops
Taster workshops are an ideal way to introduce the sunshine music of the Caribbean to your school. With instruments and tutors provided pan tasters can take place over one, two or three days with the option of an assembly presentation and a performance.

Our experienced and friendly tutors demonstrate each of the steel percussion orchestra instruments and invite the children to learn basic playing techniques followed by a calypso or popular song in three parts. The children are encouraged to work together and help each other before the final performance at the end of the session.

The workshops are interactive, educational and fun with questions and answers, information about the history and origins of the steel pan and 'Pan Relay' where the children take turns to play a piece of music within the beat.

Instruments and Tutors
Whether you have instruments in place or need to hire or buy - we can help. Our education team is made up of experienced professionals trained to exacting standards that deliver excellent results with glowing recommendations.
All our tutors have up to date DBS certificates.

In summary the CultureMix Music Education Service offers:
• Weekly lessons in steel pan music, djembe and percussion for primary, secondary and special schools.
• The creation of music groups for children and young people including steel percussion orchestras, ensembles and percussion groups.
• Access to hire or buy steel pan instruments.
• Opportunities for children and young people to take part in RASPO Steel Orchestra projects.
• Tutor training for class teachers and community musicians.
• Live performances opportunities including the annual Schools Steel Band Festival.
• One off taster workshops for class groups.
• Demonstrations on how to make and tune steel pans

Our work:
In an average year CultureMix tutors deliver more than one thousand hours of steel pan music and percussion lessons to hundreds children during school hours, creating dozens of percussion ensembles in Thames Valley primary and secondary schools.

Additionally thousands of children at dozens of schools are introduced to steel pan music through taster workshops. The steel pan music education service is complimented by carnival arts workshops like costume and head dress making, flags and banners, dance (mambo, salsa and batchata), plus much more.

Our partners:
We deliver weekly music education, including First Access (previously Wider Opportunities) and the Gifted and Talented programmes, to primary and secondary schools through Slough Music Hub, Berkshire Music Hub led by Berkshire Maestros, Reading Borough Council, Hampshire Music Service and others.

Our Schools:
We provide teaching services and related resources in the past and presently to primary and secondary schools locally, regionally and nationally:
Oxford Road, Theale, Welford and Wickham, All Saints Free School, Springfield, Battle, St John's, Alfred Sutton, Newtown, Wilson, Caversham Park, Hungerford, Oxford Gardens, Montem, Western House, Lynch Hill, Lambourn, Pangbourne, Kennet, Birch Copse, Streatley, Downsway, Shefford and Chaddleworth, Inkpen, Emmer Green, Caversham, Geoffrey Field, Cove, Brighton Hill, Everest, Kings and others are just some of the schools we work with.
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How to set up a Steel Band

Do you want to set up a steel band in your school or for a group? Click here for the complete guide with all the information needed to set up your own steel band.

Contact us
Please contact us if you would like to discuss taster workshops or curriculum based lessons for your school.

Children learning to play the tenor pan

Children learning to play the tenor pan

"Thanks to CultureMix we now have our own very successful Steel Pan Orchestra who regularly play for school fetes and concerts."

Mrs Morley

Head Teacher - Theale Primary School

Primary Schools

School steel pan music workshop

Children are introduced to the history, origins and range of the steel pan instruments.

They learn how steel pans are made and practice playing techniques for longer term musical development.

We cater for all abilities and group sizes from First Access classes and smaller Gifted & Talented groups to fun after school clubs to suit your school requirements.

Secondary Schools

Woodard Workshop

For Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 (11-18's) we offer a range of services from taster workshops. introducing students to the instrument, to masterclasses for GCSE music students.

All music lessons are tailor made to suit the requirements of your school.

Our common aim is to broaden the dimension of existing musical knowledge and skills ensuring all ages and abilities can flourish by experiencing an accessible instrument that gives satisfying and immediate results.