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2018 Carnival Programme

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2017 CultureMix Review

BAS Lifetime Achievement Award

International Artist Residency

2016 CultureMix Review


Carnival of the World - Reading and London

RASPO entertains the nation on ITVs Lorraine

Carnival of the World

The 3rd Peace and Love Concert

A Celebration of Music in Berkshire

2015 CultureMix Review

The 2nd Peace and Love Concert

'Central Club' Steering Group

Central Building Feasibility Steering Group members

Press and media - 'Central Club' building

2nd Schools Steel Band Festival

2014 CultureMix Review

RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival 2014

RASPO joins Reading heritage

Schools Steel Band Festival

2013 CultureMix Review

Summer fun with RASPO

RASPO move to South Street Arts Centre

RASPO play Madejski Stadium

2012 CultureMix Review

Mary's Olympic Journey

RASPO to play at Royal Albert Hall


Sterling Betancourt MBE honours RASPO CD

RASPO tour Showtime - London 2012 Festival

Olympic Rings Press Launch

Reading Midweek - 8 February 2012

Reading Post - 1 February 2012

Reading Post - 4 January 2012

2011 CultureMix Review

TASPO to RASPO Exhibition

BAS Awards 2011

BAS Awards 2011

Pan Events UK

2012 A Year to Celebrate

RASPO at Panorama 2011

Aberdeen and New York in Reading

Mary meets Dame Kelly

Children's Festival

Battle of The School Bands

2010 CultureMix Review

2010 in Pictures

2nd BAS Award for RASPO

BAS 12th Annual Awards Gallery I

BAS 12th Annual Awards Gallery II

Reggae in the City Live

RASPO @ The Hexagon

RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival Review

2009 CultureMix Review

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2016 Calendar of Events

2015 Calendar of RASPO performances

2014 Calendar of RASPO performances

2013 Calendar of RASPO Performances

2012 Calendar of RASPO Performances

2011 Calendar of RASPO Performances

RASPO Notting Hill Carnival Project 2011

2010 Calendar of RASPO Performances

Town Centre Day Pics

2009 Calendar of RASPO Performances

Reading Community Carnival 2009

Reading Community Carnival Photos

RASPO play at WOMAD 2009

RASPO Showcase 3 May 2009

Showcase Press Release

Refocus Youth Meeting 6 April 2009

Reading Half Marathon March 2009

Calypso and Carols 2008

Lighting Up Christmas 2008

Engine Room Press Release Oct 2008

Pan Fever

2012 Blog Archive

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Sri Lanka Artist Residency

The Peace and Love Concerts

The Peace and Love Concert l

The Peace and Love Concert

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Carnival of the World - London

Carnival of the World - Costumes

Carnival of the World - RASPO Steel Orchestra

Carnival of the World - Reading

Flag making with Kinetika

Costumes with Melissa Simon-Hartman

Music with RASPO and Jason Yarde

Carnival of the World - Reading

Flyers poster PR

Carnival of the World

RASPO entertains the nation on ITVs Lorraine

ITV Lorraine photos

CultureMix at the Royal Albert Hall

CultureMix at the Royal Albert Hall - photos

Calypso and Carols

RASPO-rama Summer Steel Band 2015

RASPO at EAT Reading & World Party 2015

RASPO Gallery - Eat Reading / World Party

2nd Schools Steel Band Festival

RASPO tour for Stoptober

RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Gallery: RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Mary meets The Mighty Sparrow

Summer Carnival Steel Band project

RASPO Summer Carnival Project

RASPO summer project launch success

Steel Band project - Gallery

ITV film RASPO - Gallery

Carnival Steel Band performance

Schools Steel Band Festival

Schools Steel Band Festival Gallery


Carnival Steel Band - ITV

Black History Month - ITV

RASPO's 2020 Vision - BBC

Abolition of Slavery - ITV

The Oracle Riverside - ITV

RASPO PANtastic Gallery

Level Up - CBBC

RASPO join Mangrove - ITV

BBC Children in Need

Rosie & Jim - ITV

RASPO in the Media

RASPO on YouTube

More Steel Bands

The Story of Steel Pan

Black History Month

The Story of Steel Pan Gallery

RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival 2013

World Stories South East

RASPO meets Rastamouse

RASPO at CBeebies Big Day Out

Music for Youth Festival

RASPO play Madejski Stadium

RASPO Madejski Stadium - Gallery

CultureMix Films

RASPO at Royal Albert Hall

RASPO BBC Proms Gallery

RASPO at The Olympics



A second CD for RASPO

Giant Olympic Rings Launched

RASPO Olympic Rings performance

TASPO to RASPO Exhibition

RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival 2011

RASPO rehearse at Jelly Art Pad

National Steel Band Championship

About Iman Pascall

RASPO Rehearsals and Preview Gallery

RASPO at Panorama Gallery

RASPO Carnival Float Gallery

Press - Reading Midweek 7 September 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party

Street Party Pictures

RASPO @ The Hexagon

RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Join RASPO at Notting Hill Carnival

RASPO Mas - carnival costume workshop

RASPO's VIP Carnival Launch

RASPO Panorama Orchestra

Panorama Travel Guide

Notting Hill Carnival 2010

RASPO Musicians for Panorama

Reading Chronicle 5 August 10

Get Reading 6 August 2010

Carnival Press 2010

Reading Chronicle 2 September 10

Panorama Pics

Notting Hill Carnival Pics

Festival of World Cultures - Dublin

RASPO go to Dublin

RASPO Perform Live

RASPO in Dublin

Luton International Carnival 2010

BAS Award for RASPO

BAS 11th Annual Awards Gallery

RASPO Panorama Orchestra

Pan Fever - Reading Concert Hall


RASPO @ WOMAD 2009 Gallery

Backstage at WOMAD Gallery

RASPO launch first CD

RASPO join Mangrove Panorama 2009

Mangrove at Panorama 2009

Culture Mix Live Showcase

Live Showcase Gallery #1

Live Showcase Gallery #2

Children's Carnival Procession

Carnival in Brazil


Brazil Gallery

New 20th Century Steel Band




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How to find us

How to find us

How to find us



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