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CultureMix brought Carnival of the World to Reading UK on Saturday 20 August 2016 Tune in to steel bands

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Carnival of the World - get involved

Carnival of the World

The Carnival of the World project enables people to develop business skills through training and work experience with a growing cultural industry that is CultureMix Arts.

The project offers access to the full range of carnival arts activities and workshops including steel pan music, percussion, dance, costume, head dresses, backpacks, flags, banners, recording, events and live performance.

Get creative plus develop useful transferable business skills and improve your job prospects in any sector.

Business skills workshops take place at Reading College. Contact us here to sign up and for further information.

Order Pan Sticks

Pan Sticks - steel pan steel drum sticks and beaters

Pan Sticks provide Pan players worldwide with quality sticks to play their instruments.

Pan Sticks
are available Online here at CultureMix Arts.
Large or small orders welcome.
Order Yours Now.


Pan Sticks are available with coloured grip for tenors, double seconds, guitars, cellos, tenor bass and bass.

For steel pan instruments, cases, stands and much more click here.


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